College Pathways Symposiums

Be Informed by a Diversified Panel


What are the various pathways? Glean information from a panel of experts that are connected to the symposiums theme.  The insight gained will inform your conversations with the college representatives and supporting companies. 

Meet with College Representatives


What is needed for my child's path?

Interact 1-on-1 with representatives from 20+ universities who are relevant to the event's focus.  Learn more about what each school has to offer and what they are looking for. 

Connect with Companies & Organizations


Who can support my child's journey? 

In a fair-like setting connect with companies and organizations that correlate to the symposium's theme and provide enrichment, scholastic support and summer opportunities.

College Pathways Symposium for High Achievers


How to Stand Out When Everyone Excels

In this highly competitive climate, how will your child stand out? 

· Hear from a panel of experts to hear what the schools are looking for and how to support your child

· ​Meet directly with admissions officers from the Ivy's and elite universities

· Connect with companies that provide resources & enrichment opportunities for the high achiever 

This symposium is geared towards parents of children who are interested in attending Ivy / elite schools