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College Lane Consulting is a full-service educational consultant company providing a concierge-style approach to navigating you through the college applications and admissions process.  College Lane provides both private college consulting and College Pathway Symposiums. We leverage our national education networks and 20+ years of experience to help ​your child connect with their passions and maximize their chances for success.  ​

We are proud of our acceptance rate, with 98% of our clients attending their first choice schools.  Our private consulting clients have been accepted to 300 schools across the U.S.  Our college acceptances include a wide range of schools, from those in the Ivy League, to national universities, to liberal arts colleges, to technical institutions and more.

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Pathways Symposiums

We believe that parents deserve a broader perspective of all the available resources and college options geared towards their child's interests.  Thus, we have added a subdivision to College Lane, Pathways Symposiums.  

Pathways Symposiums pool together all of the information and resources available into one college fair like setting.  Each Pathways Symposium has a different focus and is complete with:

  • A panel of experts
  • 1-on-1 time with college admissions officers
  • Companies who support the enrichment of your child's interests and needs

​Think of it as a one stop shop for your child's particular interests or needs.  

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Private Consulting Services

In the extremely competitive college admissions landscape, we work with your child to transform their passions into tangible experiences.  Our goal is to broaden your child's horizons while being able to showcase them as interesting and accomplished.     

As early as freshman year, we work with you to find programs, courses, enrichment experiences and volunteer work that connect to your child's interests.  

When its time to apply to college, we work closely with you in school selection, strategy, time management, applications packages, interviews, school visits and everything in-between.  

Our goal is to get your child into the best school for them. Our role is to support your child and family in the process.   

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