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Lainie Leber, College Consultant


Lainie Leber, Founder of College Lane Consulting LLC,  is a premier college consultant who successfully guides students through all the phases of the college  application process.  In addition to hosting large scale college information fairs called Pathway Symposiums, she offers clients individualized guidance in navigating the college admissions process. As an educational consultant, she works closely with students as early as freshman year to platform their interests / hobbies into tangible interesting experiences.  By crafting unique experiences, her clients' talents and accomplishments standout to admissions officers and in-turn maximize their success.  With a proven track record, she has gotten 98% of her clients into their top choice schools.  

In order to achieve her clients' educational goals, she provides the following services:

High school academic and extracurricular planning

Personalized college list

Comprehensive essay assistance

College application presentation

Resume development

Organizational plan and timeline

Interview preparation

Recommendation strategies

An educator for over two decades, Lainie has a Superintendent’s Advanced Certificate, a Masters Degree in Secondary Education and worked at the Superintendent level of the NYC Department of Education.  As the Senior High School Social Studies Specialist in New York City, she collaborated with deans of universities across the country to ensure the curricula she created prepared New York City students for college. In addition, she worked closely with more than one hundred political, cultural and community organizations.  Her connections to, and understanding of, these organizations enables her to match student interests to internships.  During her time as the Director of Magnet Schools for NYC, she traveled across the country lecturing on school reform as well as supporting school districts in forging partnerships with their local colleges and cultural institutions. Through College Lane, she has been able to leverage her national education contacts as well as her educational background to help connect your child with their passions and standout during the college admissions process. 

Her experience and professional relationships have given Lainie a deep understanding of the college application process, the curricular life of the high school student as well as the experiential opportunities at large that broaden the applicant’s horizons and enhance his or her application package.