Private College Consultant Services

Transcript Analysis


We provide support in selecting appropriate curriculum choices to maximize the value of your child's coursework as well as to round out their transcript.

Customized College Report


After getting to know you and your child, we will develop a customized report including up to 25 schools.  Together we will narrow down the list to 10-12 schools which will all be places where your child can succeed.

Application Strategy


Educational consultants help you showcase your child's uniqueness.  Through essay development, writing techniques and support with the overall college applications; you'll standout from the competition.  

Resume Development


We do more than just type up your resume.  We listen to what interests your child and then we help you find activities to support those passions. We aim to broaden your child's horizons while simultaneously developing their resume. 

Interview Preparation


It is not just what you say, but how you say it.  Through mock interviews we get your child prepared for the process. 

Comprehensive Application Package

Consultant working with client

For clients who want an extremely personalized experience, the Comprehensive Application Package provides private one-on-one sessions with College Lane Consultant's Founder and education expert Lainie Leber.  Beginning as early as freshman year, Lainie will personally step the client through the entire college  application process - from start to finish! This includes:

  • ​Guidance on activities, enrichment opportunities and coursework to actualize client's interests, making them standout candidates
  • A personalized list of 10-12 colleges; that include safety, at level and push schools
  • ​10-12 completed college applications, including: all long, short and supplemental essays, activity sheet and resume
  • Ongoing personalized support through meetings, phone sessions as well as constant contact through email
  • Analysis of his or her high school transcript and extra-curricular activities complete with suggestions of how to both present and further their uniqueness
  • Advice on standardized testing
  • Customized timeline of all application elements to ensure that all deadlines are met
  • Early decision and early action strategy, if appropriate
  • Strategic advice on letters of recommendation
  • Interview preparation