There is no reason to look anywhere else for a college consultant.  Lainie is passionate, smart, dedicated and delivers! - Jodi

My son was the biggest basketball fan and his dream was to go to Duke.  College Lane turned him into a Blue Devil! - Glyniss

As a parent, I felt lost and confused during this college process.  College Lane set my son on the right path and got my son into his first choice - Becca

My son's grades were fair and he lacked focus, after my first meeting with College Lane he became inspired.  His grades went up tremendously.  His reach schools became reality and he was accepted in to three of our top choices - Alison


My daughter loved working with College Lane.  Lainie helped her with her essay and application which proved successful as she was accepted into Princeton.  - Tracey

Lainie set my son on track giving him focus.  Not only did she help him get into college but she helped him turn his passion into a career. - Alison

Lainie's dedication to my daughter's needs were unprecedented.  - Randi


My daughter and I would have screaming matches about the college application process.  College Lane changed all of that.  Lainie is relatable to both parents and students and down right makes things happen. - Erika

My son was accepted to Penn early decision based on his merits but no doubt because of the assistance from College Lane. - Hillary